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                          Core Philosophy

                          THE CORE IDEA

                          1.Harmonize together

                          Harmony is supposed to be a system. Taking Harmony as the first principle and foundation of the enterprise philosophy reflects the democratic decision-making mechanism of Weilai enterprise, harmonious employee relations, and the goal of the whole staff of being of one mind.

                          2.Agree together

                          Agreement is not only on science, technology and experiences, but also on a common standard of personhood. The whole enterprise needs to have agreement on its goals, development approaches and development modes. More importantly, the whole staff has common moral standards of personhood, civilization norms and value identity.

                          3.Creat together

                          The joint effert of the whole staff and continuous development and innovation are required to develop both the product and the enterprise. However, the whole staff of Weilai enterpraise needs to realize that creation and innovation implies risks, setbacks, and failures.

                          4.Share together

                          As long as effert there will be gains. As long as dedication to work there will be a harvest. Sharing is the reward you receive from creation and hard work. Only by working and creating together can we share. The development and achievements belong to all those who work hard for Weilai enterprise.

                          ABOUT US

                          Shanghai Weilai Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in October 1995 with a registered capital of RMB 3379.2880, which is a new third board listed company with ecological protection and environmental governance as its main industry and development direction. Its main business involves industrial water treatment and sludge deep drying and recyling Technology development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and engineering services, production and marketing of functional chemicals, etc.. It's a manufacturer of environmental protection chemicals and environmental protection equipment that integrates research and development, production, sales and industrial services, and a provider of total solutions of energy saving and contracting operation.

                          Grateful to the society Fulfilling the responsibilities with actions

                          • Quality assurance
                          • Customer first
                          • Keeping promises
                          • After-sales service

                          Contact us



                          Address: Room 807, 2401, Mingshen Center Building, 3131 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai (200030)

                          Copyright: Shanghai Weilai Enterprise Co., Ltd. Shanghai ICP No. 12044529
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