National consumer hotline

                          Industrial water treatment

                          Corrosion and scale inhibitor
                          Bactericide and Stripping agent
                          Chemical cleaning agent
                          Online monitoring and control dosing system

                          Main achievement



                          Baosteel Ning Steel China Railway Shagang group Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, etc.
                          Blast furnace system Steel rolling system Steelmaking system Coking system
                          Raw material system Hot rolling system Converter system Gas purification
                          Sintering system Cold rolling system Electric furnace system Gas discharge system
                          Coke-making system Primary rolling system Refining furnace system Refrigeration system
                          Blast furnace system Steel tube system Continuous casting system Coal chemical system
                          Waste heat boiler
                          Roasting system


                          SSPC SGPC Maoming Petrochemical Company sinopec-sk (wuhan)Petrochemical Company Sino-pec Great Wall Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.

                          electric power

                          Changxing Power Plant Xiaoshan Power Plant Yuhuan Power Plant Lanxi Power Plant Hangzhou Bay Thermal Power Plant Zhenhai Gas Power Plant Changshan Power Plant Drying and Recycling of Solid Sludge

                          Grateful to the society fulfilling the responsibilities with actions

                          • Quality assurance
                          • Customer first
                          • Keeping promises
                          • After-sales service

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